6 festive activities to keep your little ones busy over the Christmas break

With Christmas day being less than two weeks away, we’ve been trying to make the most of the festive period with our little ones. From going to Christmas markets to taking them to meet Santa, we’re running out of ideas already! Since there’s no promise we’ll have a white Christmas, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to go out and make snowmen and have snowball fights to take up some time over the next couple of weeks. 

Especially with this cold spell we’re having, we don’t want to have to head out in the cold and risk coming down with something right before Christmas. With that in mind, we’ve put our thinking caps on and have come up with some fun activities to keep your children entertained so you can spend quality time together. We love snuggling up on the couch to watch Elf or How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but it can be hard to get our tots to sit still for an entire movie, so why not get crafty instead and get everyone’s imagination flowing? 

Check out our list of festive activities the whole family can get involved in below!

Decorate gingerbread cookies

Whether you’re in the mood to bake gingerbread from scratch using our delicious recipe here, or you buy pre-made ones in the shop, decorating gingerbread cookies is so much fun! Keep it traditional with just different coloured icing to add designs or use Smarties and other sweets to add a more unique design.

DIY wrapping paper

Not only will this add a personal element when you give your loved ones their gifts, but it’s a fun way to pass the time with your children. Give them complete freedom with some paints and brushes or cut up some shapes from potatoes to make Christmas-themed stamps for them to design your wrapping paper. Make sure to lay newspaper down so your furniture doesn’t get destroyed and dress them in old clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on.

Host your own Christmas play

Get inventive and help your little ones put on their own show, complete with homemade costumes and Christmas carols. Bonus points if they make up their own dance routine for you to watch (and take part in!).

Paint your own tree ornaments

Revamp your old decorations by giving them a new lick of paint or glue some glitter onto plain baubles to add some glam to your Christmas tree. Again, don’t forget to dress your kids in old clothes because glitter can (and will) go everywhere!

Make hot chocolate with ALL the toppings 

Making hot chocolate with cocoa powder and warm milk is quick and tasty but why not go all out and melt down your own chocolate to get an extra chocolate-y hot chocolate. Let your tots top with them with cream, sprinkles and marshmallows! Don’t forget a candy cane in their mug for an added festive taste.

Design your own present tags

Instead of buying tags to label who owns which present, use some paper or cardboard you have laying around at home and let your children decorate them how they please. They’ll get to practise their handwriting and colouring skills, as well as adding a cute personal touch to the present.