Are you wondering why you’re seeing celebrity babies at sport events or concerts modelling ear muffs? There’s a really good reason. As parents, we all want the best for every single part of our little ones, even their ears.

ENT specialists have reported concerns about the high volume of young children with hearing damage in their waiting rooms. Of course, avoiding loud noises is the most sensible course of action, but this is not always possible. 

Children are far more sensitive to sound than adults, who have fully formed ear canals. The World Health Organisation has recently released the statistic that a shocking 60% of childhood hearing loss is preventable. The Alpine Muffy Bab y earmuffs are specially made for babies and toddlers up to 36 months. 

They protect their ears against loud noises but also provide rest and prevent overstimulation by environmental sounds. The Alpine Muffy Baby is the only CE-certified baby earmuff in the industry.

Thanks to the soft, adjustable (and washable!) headband, the earmuffs have a perfect fit and do not put any pressure on the head, assuring parents that by wearing these earmuffs, you can feel relaxed taking your little ones wherever you want as safely as possible. 

And these are our top 6 scenarios in which your baby should give Alpine earmuffs a try!
1. Concerts and festivals

There are certain experiences which parents would love their child to have, but sensory impacts can get in the way. Music festivals such as Electric Picnic can be problematic while having small children around. Whether it’s a sea of strange faces, deafening sound systems or the speakers at a concert; it only takes a few minutes to cause damage to a child’s ears.

Stress and crying fits can be avoided at these enjoyable events, leaving only fun for all the family. 
2. Celebrations
Muffy baby earmuffs give comfort and convenience to any situation where hearing levels can be problematic. One issue some parents experience is introducing new holidays to their infants, where celebrations result in exciting noises which can startle or disturb your baby.

Fireworks to mark the New Year, sparklers on Halloween or balloons bursting at a birthday party are all common examples of these fun yet often noisy scenarios where you want your baby to enjoy these trademark experiences in peace.

3. Public outings

Events like sports matches or scenarios where you can’t control the noise in public can be startling and even damagingly loud for babies, who have highly sensitive hearing. Protective headgear such as Alpine earmuffs can protect them from overstimulation, and can drastically reduce stress.

With an adjustable headband and array of colours, Alpine earmuffs are also stylish – yes, even protective headgear can be used as an accessory. If it’s good enough for babies of famous faces, it’s good enough for us. 

4. Traveling

Be it new cities with bustling traffic, deafening trains or the noise of cars and airports, travelling can be difficult for parents with young children for so many reasons. Don’t let clamorous loud sounds create a negative holiday experience, by using Alpine Protective earmuffs, travelling can be a far more peaceful time.

The earmuffs are particularly useful if travelling on a plane, when your baby is seeing unfamiliar faces at the same time as listening to the roar of an engine.

5. At home
From noisy toys that seem to get louder every time your child presses a button, to DIY work from the builders next door, or the lawnmower in the garden, there’s a lot of sounds that are out of your control in your home. 

By having these protective earmuffs to hand, this will mean you can control what noise your little ones hear while they enjoy their much needed play or sleep-time, without having to worry about whether the numerous possible sounds in your house will cause any interruptions. 

6. High sensitivity

The hearing of your child is significantly more sensitive to sound, and there are also babies that are noticeably more prone to overstimulation.

Hearing protection can be massively beneficial for infants such as these, providing them with much needed peace and quiet time, increasing their ability to get calm and rest. By muffling the noise, their ears receive far fewer stimuli.

The risk of any hearing damage is drastically reduced. The CE certification which Alpine Baby Muffy earmuffs was granted means that they comply with all European Union legal requirements in the areas of safety, health and environment.

Besides hearing protection for babies and toddlers, Alpine also offers earmuffs and earplugs for older children.

Their Alpine Muffy earmuff s  (2 years and up) do not only protect their ears from loud noises, they also improve concentration while reading or studying at home or at school.

The headband is adjustable in size, providing a perfect fit and making them useful for years. The Alpine Pluggies Kids earplugs  (3-12 years) are even more multifunctional, as they also keep water out of the ears while swimming and regulate air pressure differences in airplanes.

The earplugs have special sound filters, so the little one doesn’t feel completely isolated. They’re made from very soft, silicone-free material and can be used over 100 times!

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Dutch company Alpine Hearing Protection have over 20 years of experience in the hearing protection industry, creating award winning products of the highest possible quality. Now they’re producing their earmuffs and earplugs for children and babies from just 3 months old all the way up to age 12!