From the moment the little line appears on the pregnancy test, mums-to-be are faced with a whole host of choices: what to name the baby, what school to send them to and what furniture to buy for the nursery.

Thankfully, as questions like "what should we buy?" and "what do we need?" swarm your head about Baby's room, you won't need to worry about safety as Polish furniture company Meblik have you covered on that aspect. 
When it comes to designing and creating items, Meblik has safety at the forefront of EVERYTHING, so you know you are investing in a piece that is not only stylish but safe for your most precious person. 
So what do they recommend when it comes to choosing furniture?
1. Choose round edges
To ensure the first steps taken by Baby are done in a calm atmosphere without risk, you should choose furniture with rounded edges, something Meblik have already covered. With no sharp or rough edges on their products you can be safe in the knowledge that there is nothing in Baby's room that will hurt them if they bump into it.   
2. Invest in a securing belt 
There have been too many tragic stories in recent times of furniture falling on young children, so it is important you secure any and all large items to the wall with a securing belt. 
3. Protect little fingers from getting stuck 
Retardants in hinges and drawer runners successfully protect small fingers against uncontrolled closing - and come in all Meblik products. 
4. Choose eco-friendly paints 
It is vital you only choose furniture coated in eco-friendly paints to lower the risk of your little one coming in contact with chemical substances and developing allergies. Meblik are well aware of this and only use eco-friendly paints and finishes. 
 5. Ensure it is certified to the highest standard 
Meblik furniture is certificated by TÜV Rheinland Poland in terms of usage. They are the ONLY furniture company awarded this certificate in Poland. 
6. Think comfort as well as functionality
One of the essential bedroom pieces that can promote your children's utmost comfort is the mattress. You need to choose one that suits their body weight, size, and activities. Choose the right mattress by checking out this mattress buying guide.
You should always try to choose dressers with changing table and capacious drawers, beds which can grow with the child and have functional underbed drawers and wardrobes that can be freely arranged inside - you don't want to have to invest in new furniture at every stage... 
With their warm colours, lovely laughing fairy-tale favourites, realistically highlighted with engravings, Meblik invite children into a world full of happiness and magic, where living will be a real pleasure. 
Your child's bedroom is not only an interior – it is a safe and functional world which you can create for your little one.
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