The world is suddenly a whole load more emotional in those early days and weeks after giving birth. 


Not that it's remotely our fault; pesky hormones realigning themselves back to their pre-pregnancy ways plays a HUGE part. Not to mention that there is a new significance to life once you've birthed a person. 


Here are some of the common scenarios that are likely to prompt a flood of mega tears...



Spilt milk:


Whoever said there is no use crying over spilt milk has never knocked over a precious vat of freshly expressed breast milk. It's brutally sad and frightfully upsetting. You'll produce more of it, yes - but the injustice of the situation will surely never been forgotten. 


Small animals:


No longer merely cute - now overwhelmingly adorable. Yes, watch out for puppies, kittens, donkey foals, baby otters, elephant calves, newborn dolphins, and ducklings... all of which is a firm foundation for a full-blown meltdown.





You will break stuff - probably a lot of stuff, actually. Cups and glasses and plates and wedding presents and dishes. It's because you've your hands full - and because you're really, really tired a lot of the time. Never mind the reasons why, however - the occurrence of a broken item of crockery WILL open the floodgates. 



Baby clothes:


You're removing a romper or vest out of the dryer when you stop and take a moment to consider just how adorably small and totally precious your baby is. Yup - that's another tsunami of tears. That or you have to put away their newborn attire because it's too small - the magnitude of which is so raw and real you'll be weeping for hours. 





If should be straightforward enough to operate the steriliser/bouncer/play-mat/breast-pump. Yet tiredness, hunger, and recovery from the whole giving birth incident will soon put paid to your cognitive abilities. Cue a serious crying-fit because You. Can't. Get. It. To. F***ing. Work. Properly. 




If you never cried during My Best Friend's Wedding, or Toy Story, or Frozen before - oh you CERTAINLY will now. Expect to kick off shortly after the opening credits roll. 



Nothing at all:


You're sitting there, minding your own business, probably downing another coffee. Then it begins; the tears. For no real reason - just that the great significance of the world around us suddenly came crashing down in between espresso shots. Yeah that's normal.


Just... your baby:


When they're sleeping, being all peaceful and sweet and precious and perfect and... *weeps* excuse us there is just something in our eye!


Make sure to tell us what postpartum incident you've cried over here