The vomiting bug is one of those sicknesses that can send a shiver down a mum's spine. Appearing out of nowhere, it usually strikes in the middle of the night (just as you are about to get into bed) and can stay around for a few unwelcome days. 


Unfortunately, it is something that ALL mums have to deal with at some stage, and it NEVER gets any easier, no matter how many times you have been through it.


1. Oh God no...

Usually the first thought that runs through your head when your little one starts complaining that their tummy hurts...



2. WHERE is the thermometer?

It was DEFINITELY in the first aid box last week. Definitely.



3. Maybe some dry crackers will make them feel better

Or not... (as the gagging starts and there is a race for the basin).



4. I NEED 7Up. Flat 7Up.

Oh the wonder of flat 7Up; the smell as you boil away the fizz is simply delicious.



5. I need to disinfect EVERYTHING now

Door handles, sinks, counters, pillow cases... the fear of it spreading is real.



6. Ah the poor little mite

As you stand about three feet away (well if you catch it who is going to keep the house going?)



7. Quick, cover EVERYTHING with towels

Towels are a lot easier to clean than the duvet or the couch. Yeah, the couch doesn’t fit in the washing machine.



8. Ugh, WHY does it have to be this weekend?

To be fair, the vomiting bug never chooses a convenient time to make an appearance, does it?!



9. Hmmm, I feel a little queasy myself...

Oh God no. Nooooo.



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