Before your child turns three months, she won’t be able to sit, or grasp toys too easily. Her vision will also be quite blurry, and anything that’s more than a foot away will be quite indistinct.
One of the best investments for your newborns room is a radio or CD player. Newborns love music, and you can get CD’s of all your favourite songs and nursery rhymes for your child to listen to.
Toys that hang over the crib, like mobiles, are another great investment, and although your child won’t really be able to play with them, you may find that she does try to bat at the ones that are his or her favourites. Choose mobiles with bright colors, and those that play music for added baby appeal.
A play mat that your baby can lie on and look up at toy is another good idea and one that your child can continue to use as she begins to lie on her tummy. Choose a soft mat, with brightly coloured toys, and plenty of activities.
Teddy bears are always a popular choice as a gift for a baby. However, make sure when choosing a teddy bear that things like the eyes and nose don't come off easily as a young child could easily choke on something small like this. And of course make sure the teddy is made of soft material and doesn't have additional accessories, like a helmet or shoes. Most toy shops will have a section for baby toys where you will find an appropriate teddy bear.
An unbreakable mirror is also a great toy for a baby. They won't realise they are looking at themselves, but at three months, a baby will find their own reflection fascinating. They might even smile at it. There are mirrors available that can be fastened to the side of a crib.