Katie Whiddon is one proud mama. 


Katie's son Camden suffers from phocomelia syndrome and amelia, meaning his arms end where his elbows would begin, and he has no legs. 


Phocomelia is a congenital disorder that involves the malformation of limbs, while amelia is a birth defect whereby a baby is born missing one or more limbs.



But his limb difference has never stopped him from taking part in family life. 


In an effort to raise awareness for children with limb difference, the mum-of-three uploaded a video of Camden and his baby brother. 


Three-year-old Camden was pictured alongside his newborn brother, Jax, while lying on a bed. 



Jax had begun to cry, looking for his soother, so a helpful Camden came to his brother's aid. 


Putting the pacifier at the tip of his upper arm, the toddler also uses his face to gently put the soother into the baby's mouth. 


Mum stated: "Camden might not have hands, but he doesn't let that stop him from taking care of his siblings!"



And just look at the good job he is doing too - we're in awe of this tot. 


Camden just goes to show that nothing is impossible.