Ashley Cain ‘feels guilty’ as he prepares for birth of second child after daughter’s death

Ashley Cain has been opening up about having feelings of ‘guilt’ after finding out he’s set to become a dad again following the death of his daughter. 

Ashley’s daughter Azaylia, whom he had with his ex-partner Safiyya Vorajee, tragically passed away in April 2021, at just eight-months-old after being diagnosed with leukaemia weeks after she was born. 

Over the weekend, Ashley announced he is preparing for the arrival of his second child, a baby boy, and has now spoken out about how he felt when he first heard the news that he was going to have another child. 


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While speaking on Good Morning Britain, the reality TV star admitted, “The news that I was going to be a dad again, it was different to usually finding out that news because I felt slightly guilty”.

“I felt slightly hurt for Azaylia and I didn't really expect this to be the case”.

He continued, “But very quickly like I do, I took the responsibility of being a father and I realise that every child is a blessing”.

“I got myself in the right mind frame and had a long time to think about it… to try and be the best person I can be for my son that's going to be coming into this world and that’s what I intend to do”.

Cain then revealed how his ex-partner, Safiyya, took the news that we would be having another baby.

He explained, “When I told Safiyya I couldn’t have expected it to have gone any better. It was a time where we both shed tears. But, it was a time where she congratulated me and wished me the best”.

“I mean, we haven’t been together for years now and we’re both adults and I try and respect her private life, and she tries to respect mine”.


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When announcing that he is having his second child, the former footballer told The Sun, “The first thing that I did was go down to Azaylia’s resting place to talk to her about it”.

“I believe that was a huge part that has allowed me to feel positive about it. I feel like she was the main person that I needed to speak to and to get this thing off my chest”.

Ashley added, “After going to her resting place and speaking to her about it, I just had a feeling in my heart and in my soul that she was happy for me. She was happy that she had a little brother and it is now just someone else for her to watch over and protect in this world”.