When my little boy reached the inevitable drool stage I was in a weird way excited as I had heard of bandana dribble bibs that werent available when my little girl was a baby. With her it was constant outfit changes and wiping away with tissues, her chest was often wet through and her chin was cold from the wind on her wet face.
Once we tried the bandanas on, I wasnt keen on the style. They kept him dry, but they either covered his outfit or didn't compliment what he was wearing so I set about making my own. Well after many many attempts, (maybe one day I will disclose the pics) I settled on a snood scarf style. It looks fabulous on, compliments their little outfits and most of all keeps them dry. I love them and within hours of launching on FB I was overwhelmed with the orders. They are all handmade with love and I truly enjoy knowing each Bibsy dribble snood is helping little ones stay dry.
New ones coming soon are made in football teams colours and a "bath to bed" snood, an extra soft one to wear once pjs are on until getting into bed.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.