Unisex Baby Wear - Beyond The Pale Pink and Blue
If you think having the 'safe' option of only pale pink or pale blue for your baby is unacceptable then BabyGirl.BabyBoy. has a clothing collection just for you. Offering a choice of cotton clothing in vibrant alternative colours, available through their online store, BG.BB. can add a splash of playful colour.
Peach, purple, mint... You can shop by colour to buy classic baby basics with no logos, silly slogans or gender driven designs.
The advantage of BG.BB. baby wear is that it doesn't matter what the gender of the baby is, the exciting colourful clothing can be worn by both girls and boys. The perfect solution if you don't know the sex of your unborn child or for any future 'hand-me-down' problems. Garments include a range of body suits (onesies), hats, bibs and rompers.