Little Shrimp


What do you do when you can’t find quality, comfortable clothing for your new baby? Tired of the seeing the same old pastels, this British designer, decided to design her own range of clothes that real children would love to wear. Little Shrimp’s first range of bright, funky, eco-friendly clothing for babies and children was created at Donna’s kitchen table in 2002. She trudged the local boutiques to sell her new collection and eventually found her first buyer. Of course, that was just the beginning!
Little Shrimp clothes feature stripes, spots and beautiful prints, all in the brilliant colours that small children – and their parents – love. Comfort is a number one priority so shapes are simple and easy-to-wear. All Little Shrimp clothes are made from the softest eco-friendly Oeko-tex cotton that washes like a dream, so you can hand these wonderful items down to friends and family to enjoy time and time again. All Little Shrimp’s gorgeous ranges are designed, printed and Made in England. Little Shrimp is very proud of its uniquely British style and now enjoys clothing little shrimps all over the world.
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