Feel close and connected to your baby with the AmaWrap  The luxurious 100% cotton sling wraps around baby and you like a second skin, keeping baby safe and comforted.  Suitable from newborn, there are many benefits to mum and baby:
The wrap enables skin-to-skin contact. Baby is able to lay his head on your chest when tired, and is soothed feeling your breathing  and heartbeat – everything that he was used to feeling in the womb. Research suggests that this initial contact benefits baby far beyond infancy. The wrap ensures that the baby is perfectly supported and positioned at all times. 
It is ideal for colic and reflux babies by keeping them more upright.
The contact helps with lactation and reduces the likelihood of postnatal depression. It helps new mums “state of mind” at a hormonal time, due to the presence of oxytocin "the love chemical”, which is produced when there is skin-to-skin contact.
It is ideal for discreet breastfeeding on the go.
The weight of the baby is distributed equally over your entire back, which makes it the most comfortable type of carrier.
Easy to tie using our tutorials, baby can be popped in and out with minimal fuss 
Helps to avoid the nightmare that is “public transport with a buggy”!
We hope you and baby enjoy our 100% cotton, beautifully luscious wraps.
Measuring 5m by 50cm and for use up to 20lbs, this is a great first wrap for your baby and allows him to feel totally soothed against your chest. Visit our Tie your Sling section for tutorials on how to wrap the sling, and click inside the item below to see action shots!
Don’t see the colour that you were hoping for? If you are able to wait for 6 weeks, contact us and we will commission that colour just for you.
And remember, buy two or more wraps and pay no delivery costs! Remember to select “Free P&P” when it comes up.