Joy and Joe Baby


Joy and Joe baby wrap carrier is designed by a mum who was inspired by the need to facilitate kangaroo care and bonding between parents and their children. Her children passed through the neonatal intensive ward and she experienced first-hand the importance of holding babies closely and how this can benefit both mother and baby. It is designed to enhance the special relationship between the wearer and the baby by offering a unique feeling of close contact.
There are different carrying positions, it adapts itself to the baby's development and the wearer's build. Joy and Joe baby wrap distributes the weight of your baby around your back. It utilises shoulders and back due to its fantastic width that moulds around your body and baby’s. Joy and Joe Baby Wrap carrier is approximately 5meters long and made of 100% natural British manufactured cotton with a unique one directional stretch. The baby carriers have been safety tested by an accredited government laboratory and they fully conform to the BS EN. 13209-2:2005 stringent safety requirements for soft baby carriers.