Bambino Mio’s reveals rebrand, freeing the world of single-use nappies, once & for all

Nappy experts, Bambino Mio have been making nappies that are better for babies, parents and our planet for over 25 years. Since established, Bambino Mio has helped save over two billion single-use nappies from rubbish. But now, they’re leading a Reusable Revolution to free the world of single-use nappies, once and for all.

Today, Bambino Mio have revealed their rebellious rebrand. Collaborating with award-winning agency Big Fish, they have created an entirely new brand identity, launched brand new NPD driven by consumer needs - a next-generation nappy, for next generation parents, and overhauled pack design.

Guy Schanschieff, Founder of Bambino Mio, comments:

“Babies don’t care about the planet…yet. But with 250 million single-use nappies being thrown away every day globally, the future we’re making for them is getting messier by the minute. Reusable nappies are the solution to disposable nappy pollution and we’ll continue to work hard to help drive change and send them the same way as plastic bags, bottles and straws.”

Unlike the 250 million single-use nappies that will get thrown away today, Bambino Mio’s nappies won’t be spending the next 500 years in landfill. Their Revolutionary Reusable nappy is a new, unique birth to potty nappy where one size truly fits all, with the simplicity of a disposable but all the benefits of a reusable nappy. Smart fabrics and clever little features make this nappy their most innovative yet.

To do away with throwaway for good, parents will find buying Bambino Mio’s Revolutionary Reusable nappy easy with the new The Changemaker bundle which has everything needed so parents never have to buy another nappy again, and it keeps over £700 in parent’s pockets compared to branded single-use nappies! Bambino Mio have also addressed the upfront cost for reusable nappies and have introduced new payment options to allow parents to spread the cost over time, interest free, which is needed more than ever in the current climate.

The Changemaker Bundle

Joreen Singh, Marketing & Innovation Director at Bambino Mio comments:

“We’ve been leading the category for many years and now we feel it’s our responsibility as the leading brand to drive the category forward once again.  We’ve created a category-breaking, disruptive nappy brand that will inspire the next generation of parents to reject single-use nappies and join the reusable revolution.

We’ve taken our 25 years of nappy expertise to develop a truly unique product and simplified our offering. We want to create reusable nappies that work with real life. Nappies that do convenience, comfort and performance, but don’t do confusion, waste or nasty stuff. Nappies that make us wonder why we haven’t been using these along!”  

Planet-polluting facts being ignored every single day:

The average baby uses 5000 single-use nappies before they are potty trained, equating to over 250 million single-use nappies thrown away every day globally (that’s 10 million every day here in the UK).

Each single-use nappy takes up to 500 years to break down in landfill. A lot of our waste doesn’t make it to landfill and gets incinerated, further contributing to climate change.

Reusable nappies use 98% fewer raw materials than single-use nappies. Using single-use nappies creates nearly twice as much carbon as reusable nappies. And for families who choose a 100% renewable energy tariff, their carbon footprint is further lowered to over 90% lower than single-use nappies.

Bambino Mio were born to change things and are fighting on behalf of the smallest of us. To give the next-generation a cleaner, safer tomorrow to grow up in, they’re tackling throwaway culture today. And they’re starting from the bottom up.

It’s time to change things, are you in?