Children can’t control bedwetting and they almost always grow out of it. If your child wets the bed, rest assured that there are probably other children in your child’s class who are having exactly the same problem.
Percentage of children who wet the bed
Four years old
Five years old
Six years old
10 years old
15 years old
Bedwetting happens when children don’t wake up when their bladders are full at night. Many children who wet the bed are heavy sleepers and are harder to wake than other children.  Many produce more urine at night than other children as a result of a low level of a certain hormone.It’s important to reassure your child that bedwetting is normal, there’s nothing to  be ashamed about and that he will grow out of it in time.To help your child feel better about bedwetting, explain in simple terms some of the reasons for bedwetting.
You should consult with your GP if you notice any of the following:
  • Your child is still wetting during the day by school age
  • Your child, who is normally dry, starts wetting again for more than two nights
  • You are becoming very upset by the bedwetting
  • You have any other concerns about bedwetting