Children commonly bite other children when they are angry or frustrated. If your child receives a bite from another child, act fast to stop potential infections.
The human mouth is full of bacteria. The risk of infection is high.
If the skin is broken, wash the bite with mild soap and water for at least three minutes. If the bite is bleeding, apply pressure with a clean cloth. Once the bleeding stops cover the wound with a bandage.
Your child should be seen by a doctor and depending on the location of the bite; they may or may not have stitches. Sometimes, stitching a bite wound will actually increase the chance of infection.
Human bites can transmit staph and strep bacteria. These bacteria are normally in the human mouth. Hepatitis can also be transmitted though a bite.
You can spot infection easily. The area of the bite will continue to swell, and will be red and tender. There may be pus coming from the wound and the area is hot to the touch. Your child could have a fever of 37.7 degrees Celsius or higher. There also could be a red streak coming from the area.
If you notice these signs of infection or if the bite does not heal in ten days, take your child back to the doctor.