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Pyjama Drama Pyjama Drama Pyjama Drama Pyjama Drama
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Pyjama Drama (West Wiltshire): sing, dance, pretend, play; where will our imagination take us today?
Welcome to the wonderful world of Pyjama Drama; a unique programme for babies and children up to the age of  years.
Drama, pretending and role-play are some of the most instinctive things that children do. They laugh, they play, they learn. At this young age, drama is how children make sense of the world around them; they recreate events that happen to them, use their imaginations to explore different worlds and role-play characters to see how they fit into it all. Pyjama Drama allows children to lead the way in the drama by cleverly mixing improvisation with structured classes.
We provide fun and stimulating weekly classes, visits to schools, nurseries etc. and host amazing children’s parties!
Please visit our website to find classes in your area.
If you live in Wiltshire, Alison would be delighted to talk to you about classes, visits or parties! Contact her here: 01380 887898 or email