Corrie’s Lucy Fallon details hopes for dream proposal from boyfriend Ryan

Lucy Fallon has opened up about her hopes to get engaged!

The Coronation Street star has been dating her partner, footballer Ryan Ledson, since 2021. In January of last year, the couple went on to welcome their 14-month-old son Sonny.

Now, three years into her relationship with Ryan, Lucy has admitted that she is still patiently waiting for a proposal from him.


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In an interview with OK!, she hinted: “He hasn’t proposed yet, I’m still waiting.” 

The 28-year-old continued: “I have dropped subtle hints but I don’t want him to feel the pressure. I want to be taken aback. And I want to be completely surprised.”

Lucy went on to note that she has complete faith that Ryan will pull off the perfect proposal.


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”I don’t want to talk about it all the time and have a sense that he’s going to do it. I’m just not going to mention it again, ever, to him. So then I’m totally taken by surprise and I can go, ‘Oooooh... I was not expecting that!’ Whatever he does will be the right thing. And it’ll be perfect,” she gushed.

The soap actress then took the opportunity to reflect on her relationship with Ryan, teasing: “We’re not a very soppy couple. So I’m not sure whether you’ll see that much romance involved. We just take the p*** out of each other mainly.”

Ryan is currently featuring alongside Lucy in ITV’s new reality show, Drama Queens. The series follows Lucy, as well as several of her female soap co-stars, as viewers get a glimpse into their personal lives.


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“He just is very, very normal. He’s very Scouse, he’s very dry and he’s very nice. People are going to really like him, just hopefully not more than they like me,” she laughed.

Speaking about filming the new series, the actress added: “Ryan’s actually been really enjoying it. I’m quite surprised, I thought he’d find it quite strange and be awkward as he’s not really used to being filmed, but he’s loved it.”