A new study has revealed that British babies are among the world’s most teary-eyed.


Yes, new research has confirmed that our little ones throw more tantrums and shed more tears than tiny tots from most other countries.


Researchers at Warwick University have assessed what should be classed as normal amounts of crying during the first three months, and it seems our newborns are exceeding the limit.


Britain is high on the list alongside countries like Canada, Italy and the Netherlands.



During the first three months, researchers say babies cry for around two hours a day, however some children peaked at two hours 15 minutes. The research also found that some infants cried for just 30 minutes each day.


The study analysed the crying habits of over 8,700 babies, and results show that Britain is up there with the biggest bawlers.


28 percent of British newborns were found to cry for more than three hours a day for at least three days a week.


Just taking the lead are the 34 percent of Canadian newborns, who exceed three hours of crying during weeks three and four.


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Family homes are a little quiet in Denmark and Germany, where roughly only 6 percent of babies spend three hours of their day crying.


“Babies are already very different in how much they cry in the first weeks of life - there are large but normal variations,” said study analyst, Professor Dieter Wolke.


“We may learn more from looking at cultures where there is less crying and whether this may be due to parenting or other factors relating to pregnancy experiences or genetics.


“The new chart of normal fuss/cry amounts in babies across industrialised countries will help health professionals to reassure parents whether a baby is crying within the normal expected range in the first three months or shows excessive crying which may require further evaluation and extra support for the parents.”