Cuts and scrapes can be a daily occurrence with some toddlers. Knowing the best way to treat them will lessen the chance for infection to set in, or scarring to occur.
Always wash your hands prior to touching your toddlers scrape or cut. If there is bleeding use a clean bandage or towel and apply pressure until it stops. If bleeding is severe or will not stop after ten minutes, seek medical attention right away.
Once you have the bleeding under control, check to see if there is any foreign matter, like dirt or gravel, stuck in the wound. If there is, use cool water to try to flush out the foreign matter. You can also gently remove a foreign object with sterilized tweezers.
Now, wash the wound with warm water and soap, and then pat dry with a clean towel. Some children will not let you wash a wound out without a big fuss. If this is the case, try letting them soak the wound in the bathtub or the sink.
If the wound warrants it, use an antibiotic ointment. Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or mercurochrome. These items will hurt and can actually cause the wound to heal slower.
Bandage the wound only if needed. A small cut or scrape will heal better when not bandaged. If you do need a bandage, make sure that it is not too tight and change it daily. Once the wound scabs over, remove the bandage and remind your toddler not to pick at the scab.