Most CVs tend to stretch the truth a bit. 


But this teen girl’s latest one is pretty spot-on, in her dad’s opinion at least.


Lauren Booth (16) from Derbyshire asked her dad to print off her CV at work, and he agreed. But when he handed it to her, she noticed that he’d made quite a few adjustments.


And suffice to say, he didn't hold back!


In the opening paragraph, he wrote:


“I am a bone-idle and unreliable individual who is always on my phone. I am looking to work within business in the future, preferably doing as little as possible.”



Then he goes on to list her, er, skills.


“I am proficient in Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat,” it reads. “I also volunteer as a part-time swimming coach when I can be bothered.”


As if that wasn’t enough, he then lists her grades in a range of subjects. In ‘bedroom cleaning’, ‘attitude’ and a string of others, she gets a ‘U’ (for useless). Ouch.


But on the plus side, she seems to be nailing ‘backchat,’ getting nothing less than top marks!


Lauren uploaded a copy of the altered CV to Twitter, where she called her dad a ‘bloody idiot’ for tampering with her efforts. So far, it’s got a whopping 23,000 likes. Check out the full, brutally honest CV below!



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