Dancing On Ice’s Adele Roberts admits she thought cancer diagnosis was ‘her fault’

Adele Roberts has confessed that she thought she was to blame for her cancer diagnosis.

In October 2021, the Dancing On Ice finalist was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Nine months after receiving numerous treatments, Adele was given the all-clear and now lives with a stoma bag.

Speaking on Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast, the radio DJ has chosen to open up about how she felt when she was first informed of her diagnosis.

“I totally thought that I had caused it. My first thought was, ‘Am I going to die?’ But once he [the doctor] said he could help me, it's all I held onto,” the 43-year-old recalled.

“And when he said it wasn't my fault, that's when I just cried and got so emotional,” she continued, getting teary as she reflected.

Adele then went on to detail how she coped with the awful side effects of her chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, which included a metallic taste in her mouth, swollen fingers and sore teeth.


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“There were a couple of nights where I was in so much pain and I thought, ‘Why me?’. There were a few times I'd thought, ‘What have I done? Why's it happening?’”, she admitted.

“It felt like I was being punished for something. But then I realised it was all part of me getting better. It definitely got me a couple of nights,” she stated.

The former I’m A Celebrity star further noted her appreciation for her stoma bag.

“I’m not only grateful for having a stoma to save my life, but also it helped me have a better relationship with my body,” she explained.

“I just didn't like myself when I was younger and having a stoma meant I could look at it like the most amazing thing I had which kept me alive. The moment I got it I was like I've been foolish for so many years,” Adele continued, adding that receiving it felt “emotional” and “complete”.