Do something different this Valentines Day this year with these creative date ideas!

Valentine's Day is a great time to reconnect and spend quality time with our partner. But sometimes the idea of doing a traditional dinner date can feel a little tired. 

With the crazy bustling crowds that are out Valentine's Day, it can be impossible to even get a table - so why not try something totally different this, with all the connection and none of the hassle? Check out our favourite creative date ideas to try out this Valentine's Day with bae!

Visit an art gallery

Spend the day wandering your local galleries and admiring your favourites. Take some cool pictures of each other while you’re there and hit up the coffee shops nearby so you can sip and wander!

Go thrift shopping

Check out your favourite thrift shops around your area and make outfits for one another!

Make a new cocktail together and name it after each other

Stock up the bar art and give it a go! Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Lime Juice And Fruit Shake On Glass

Go hiking somewhere scenic

Always talked about going to that gorgeous scenic spot and never seem to get around to it? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spend time together somewhere beautiful!

Paint portraits of one another – as flattering or unflattering as you like!

Get creative or have a laugh! Pick up some paint or colours and get artsy together for a cute and fun night in!

Take an online class together

Whether that’s a language class, a cocktail making class or a story-writing class, it never hurts to try something new and fun together that you’ve always talked about trying!

Scavenger hunt

It can be general, or if you want to get super romantic, it can be based on them and your relationship, with hints based around things you’ve done or places you’ve been together.

Have a ‘Come Dine With Me’ night with other couples

It’s a great chance to try out your culinary and hosting skills and you can take a course or two each so the pressure isn’t all on one person.

Woman in Black Tank Top Sitting Beside Woman in Blue Shirt

Go watch an outdoor cinema screening

There’s so many places doing outdoor cinema nights now that it’s super easy to take advantage of your local drive-in spot for a romantic old school date.

Be a tourist

Become a tourist for a day in your own town! Go for a walking tour, check out some of the sites and hit up a nice restaurant or café!

Tick something off your bucket list

Is there something you’ve both always wanted to do but never seem to get the time or think of it to organise it? Why not tick it off now and make a memory together!

Take a trip down memory lane and go through old photos and videos together

It’s so lovely to look back and see how far you’ve both come together and going through memories remind you of all the things you’ve been through together.

Have a spa day together

Grab some facemasks, run a bath and have your favourite moisturisers to hand! A super chill and relaxing date night could be exactly what you need to connect.

Happy couple kissing in bath during romantic leisure at home

Have a movie night

Have a themed movie night, where you can throw on some of your childhood favourites, do a movie marathon of your favourite series – whatever tickles your fancy! Grab some popcorn to make a movie night of ti!

Have a picnic

Whether that’s outside or on your living room floor – it’s all about novelty and the delicious food!

Game night

Break out the board games and let your competitive sides out! Have fun with it, finding out your different skills – and weaknesses!

Order different entrées for one another and have a taste testing night

Hit up your favourite restaurants around town and order starters for takeout or to eat there and order for the other person to see if you can find some new dishes to love!