Blake Lively’s said it, Zoe Saldana’s said it, Drew Barrymore’s said it; in fact, there are plenty of celebs who have urged us to calm down when it comes to stressing over our postpartum bodies.


One of the most compelling arguments, however, comes from mum-of-two Kristen Sullivan.


Kristen, who is a mum-of-two, recently welcomed Baby Gavin into the world. Despite staying super-fit and healthy during her pregnancy, she has not ‘bounced back’ to her pre-baby shape yet – but if you think that she cares, well, you are very much mistaken!


You see, Kristen is not about to put herself under pressure to live up to some ridiculous societal expectation, and she wants mums everywhere to adopt the same attitude.



It took me 4 days to decide whether or not to share this. But recently there have been moms reaching out to me based on some things I've shared, so here goes. The left pic is 3 days before I delivered Gavin (my 2nd child), the right pic is 3 weeks postpartum. I'm sharing this to show moms that sometimes it doesn't matter if you're thin, ate right and exercised during pregnancy, sometimes your body grows in such a way that simply doesn't allow you to "bounce back" in friggen 3 weeks. I feel like all I've been seeing is new moms sharing their amazing postpartum bods, 11 days after birth, 2 weeks after birth, etc. And while that's wonderful for them, for many others, KNOW that it's not realistic! While I won't be totally sure till 6 weeks, I have a strong feeling that I've got #diastasisrecti (separation of the abs), in which case I'm determined to get the PT I need to heal. I've also been wearing a postpartum corset for extra support. But in the meantime, I'm giving my body a chance to breathe. Did you SEE how far my belly stretched?! There is no race to bounce back moms. We'll get there!! #postpartum

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And so, after much thought and a little hesitation, Kristen took to social media to share the true reality of life postpartum.


A split-photo shows Kristen three days before giving birth to Gavin, and then three weeks after having him. There’s clearly no baby in the second shot, but Kristen’s belly still sports a definite bump.


“I’m sharing this to show mums that, sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you’re thin, ate right, and exercised during pregnancy,” she explained.


“Sometimes, your body grows in such a way that simply doesn’t allow you to ‘bounce back’ in frigging three weeks.”



"Hey brother stay away from my uterus." Totally normal thing to say to your brother postpartum Alsocred...our Mom. She still thinks everything we do is super cool. Thanks mom. Ps This might make me feel like a badass but if you know Acro-yoga, you'll see it's really just a basic stretch. Can't do much yet, but while I wait and recover, I might as well do things that make me feel like superwoman with my big bro :). Thanks for the sweet afternoon Boog, I can't wait to get back into some serious moves with you#Repost @nathanaugustreed ・・・ More stretches and rejuvenating postures. #Teamwork. This time with my beautiful, loving, caring sister who is now a proud mother of a gorgeous little girl. This easy pose stretches her hips, triceps and even her abdomen, which are of course still in repair mode. Of all the postures, there were a few that really felt amazing for her. This was one of them. Can you believe how amazing she looks? I swear she's already in proper shape to join me for the San Diego Triathalon next month...

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Kristen’s post comes just days after actress Nikki Reed shared a photo of herself looking incredible in a crop top, just weeks after welcoming her first child. This is perfectly fine, of course – and Kristen knows that; she just wants others who are not ‘snapping back’ to know that that is just as OK, too.


Concerned that she may have diastasis recti (separation of the abs), Kristen is going easy on her body right now.


“I’m giving my body a chance to breathe. Did you SEE how far my belly stretched?! There is no race to bounce back, mums. We’ll get there!” she added.


Yes, yes, yes to all of this! We simply adore Kristen’s attitude to her postpartum body – everyone should take a leaf out of her book.