Enjoy exercise again with these fab dance workouts to your favourite musicals

Have your workout routines gone a little...bleh? With our stress levels still high and our motivation stooping to new lows, our normal workout videos just aren’t doing it for us at the moment.

I want a workout that I look forward to, one that isn’t just geared towards ‘achieving the perfect body’, like that’s some end goal and not a temporary thing. I want body positivity, strength and fitness and just a really fun workout? Is that too much to ask for? Is that too hard to find?

Well look no further than Kyra Pro on YouTube. With over 368k subscribers and a rapidly growing fanbase, she’s been written up in Women’s Health magazine and featured as one of YouTube’s ‘Creators on the Rise’ stars. A fitness star and epic dance workout creator, Kyra’s content is all about starting you on your fitness journey and making exercise fun, accessible and something to look forward to each day, rather than a chore to plod through.

A totally empowering mood booster, her videos are a shot of adrenaline to get you going for the day. As Kyra says: ‘If you don’t have a smile on your face and sweat on your brow… You’re not doing it right.’

With videos ranging from cardio HIITs to more controlled, sculpting exercises, her high energy videos are made so much more fun by the music she chooses – or rather, lets her subscribers choose! She takes requests each week and chooses musicals, shows and movies that have some of the best soundtracks out there and creates whole routines around them! Some of her most successful ones are Disney mashups, Glee top hits and the Mamma Mia top picks! Warm up to Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep pining of reach other in SOS and get your burn on to ‘Honey, Honey’ and ‘Lay All Your Love on Me’ - what better way to motivate us to exercise?

Not only does she get us up and bopping, but she has some of the best step by step recipes out there for healthy – and no so healthy(!) – meals. With different recipes covering breakfast dinner and dessert, she has every craving covered with meals like Shrimp Gnocchi with Pomodoro sauce to desserts like Easy Banana Protein Pancakes!

With options to join in with a live workout or catch up later on her YouTube channel, Kyra’s workouts will make you bop along to ‘The Greatest Showman’, ‘Burlesque’ and ‘One Direction’ and not even realise you’re getting you workout done! Winning!