Everything thing you need to know about Prada’s debut beauty collection

Prada's legacy of utilitarian chic in corporate uniforms has been a defining element since Miuccia Prada's transformative leadership. She turned the once-dormant Italian luggage brand into the thriving luxury fashion powerhouse it is today. However, Prada is now embarking on a groundbreaking venture into unexplored territory: the realm of beauty, introducing Prada Beauty's exquisite range of cosmetics and skincare products.

This latest expansion places Prada alongside esteemed counterparts like Christian Dior and Chanel, esteemed names that have long held a significant presence in the beauty industry with dedicated skincare and cosmetics offerings.

While Prada is a relatively recent contender in this domain, it's noteworthy that their existing personal grooming collection, predominantly comprising fragrances, aftershaves, and lotions since its inception in 1990, has consistently demonstrated robust sales performance.

The step into the beauty sector is a logical progression, given the prevailing trend amongst fashion houses to diversify their product portfolios while cultivating a lifestyle that resonates with their brand identity. Prada's Group CEO, Andrea Guerra, describes this move as a pivotal milestone, facilitated by a strategic collaboration with cosmetics giant L'Oréal.

Prada Beauty's new offerings uphold the fundamental principles that have propelled the brand's meteoric rise throughout the turn of the millennium and beyond. Similar to their ready-to-wear line, the Prada Beauty cosmetics and skincare range will remain unisex, underscoring their commitment to inclusivity and contemporary ideals.


In a perpetually evolving environment full of stimulants and stressors, Prada Skin allows skin to adapt as fast as the environment changes by empowering its inherent resilience.

The skin’s ability to renew, regenerate, and reinforce itself is augmented with Prada's Adapto.gn Smart Technology, a multi-potent complex that helps skin adapt to its environment in real-time. This precision technology originates from natural actives called adaptogens, a family of 15 rare plants that have existed for over 400 million years while withstanding extreme conditions across geological ages. In synergy with dermactive and dermocosmetic active ingredients like Proxylane, hyaluronic acid, vitamin CG, and ceramides, adaptogens were then reinvented into a breakthrough technology for Prada’s adaptive skincare.

The Prada Skin range includes:

Prada Augmented Skin The Cream - Day & Night – 60ml full product, 60ml refill

The cream boosts the skin’s primary functions with Adapto.gn Smart Technology to renew, regenerate and reinforce. The formula constantly rejuvenates skin with dynamic plumpness, translucent radiance, and resilient firmness. With over-time use, skin is optimised as Proxylane restores moisture; hyaluronic acid recharges skin volume to smooth out texture; vitamin CG provides antioxidant protection to revitalise skin and improve radiance; ceramides increase skin hydration and promote optimal barrier function.

Prada Augmented Skin The Serum - Face & Eye – 30ml full product, 30ml refill

Also harnessing the power of Adapto.gn Smart Technology to recalibrate the skin’s natural functions, the serum revitalises skin structure. Hyaluronic acid works to refine skin texture, enhancing volume and density, while the antioxidant properties of squalane even skin tone to reveal a translucent radiance.

Prada Reveal Skin Optimizing Foundation – 30ml full product, 30ml refill – 33 shades

Prada Reveal Skin Optimizing Foundation enhances the skin in three dimensions – tone, luminosity, and texture – to reveal soft-filtered skin in-real-life. Instantly upon wear, the foundation creates a unified skin expression with a soft matte finish using the advanced IRL(In-Real-Life)-micro-filter technology. This patented hero technology exclusive to Prada optimises light diffusion with a smart molecule that micro-crystallises onto skin, revealing a naturally radiant and seamlessly filtered complexion with breathable 24-hour wear.

The foundation comes in 33 flexible shades with buildable coverage to provide customisable wear across an inclusive spectrum of skin tones and undertones.

Prada Augmented Skin The Cleanser & Makeup Remover – 125ml

To complete the full skin optimisation routine, Prada offers the Augmented Skin Cleanser & Makeup Remover. The 2-in-1, cream-to-foam cleanser is coded with Adapto.gn Smart Technology™ and a potent blend of amino acids, glycerine, and Lactobacillus ferment to purify skin texture while optimising suppleness and radiance.

From cleanser to foundation, Prada offers a holistic and customisable routine based on skin’s unique needs.


Prada Colour is fashion curated. The lipsticks provide two perspectives on matte, inspired by the ubiquitous mattified lips seen on Prada runways since the brand’s first Ready-to-Wear show in 1988. Drawing from the Prada fashion archive that holds 27,000 textiles and patterns, the eyeshadow palettes showcase an unexpected curation of pigments in dynamic finishes.

Prada Colour is also tech augmented. Avant-garde technologies are at the core of Prada’s SMART TECH-XTURES™, designed to provide hyper flexible, blendable, breathable yet durable wear with over-time care. 

The Prada Colour range includes:

Prada Monochrome: The New Refillable Lipcolour

In 26 fashion-curated shades rendered with two different matte finishes, Prada’s refillable lipstick range opens doors to explore all the shades of you.  The new range is designed with a refill system that allows for 76% less packaging use.

Prada Monochrome Hyper Matte Durable Weightless Lipcolour

With a textured bullet that resembles Prada’s signature Saffiano leather, the Hyper Matte Durable Weightless Lipcolour offers one-stroke payoff with up to 12-hour wear. 13 profound colours are formulated with a black base to reproduce the Saffiano leather’s high-density colour depth and a sophisticated matte finish that suit all skin tones.

Prada Monochrome Soft Matte Buildable Weightless Lipcolour

With a textured bullet that mirrors Prada’s iconic Re-Nylon fabric, the Soft Matte Buildable Weightless Lipcolour offers adjustable, buildable coverage. 13 luminous matte colours are formulated with a white base to recall the luminosity of the Prada Re-Nylon in soft, diffused colours that flatter all skin tones.

Prada Balm

Prada Balm (pictured above on left) is a lip-optimising formula with a universal Prada-Green shade and a natural matte finish. Worn alone or as the optimal primer underneath Prada Monochrome, the balm enhances the natural look of the lips with bifidus extract and jojoba oil that provide moisturisation and durable care. With continued use, lips become smoother with up to 24 hours of lip comfort.

Prada Dimensions: The New Refillable Eyeshadow

Prada Dimensions are created using a low-pressure injection process with Micro-Pixelä pigments, which allow one-stroke payoff with greater resolution and colour density. The hybrid creamy-powder finish eyeshadows blend and layer without falloff, while their skin affinity provides weightless comfort and up to 12-hour durable wear.

Each of the 6 palettes are equipped with a mini high-density foam applicator and a mini blending brush with high-density fibres and bevelled edge for versatile, on-the-go use. 

Prada Beauty Tools

Prada Beauty Tools are artistry-engineered essential, multi-use tools. The 9 versatile brushes and Foundation Diffusing Sponge are designed by Prada makeup artists and created by fine arts manufacturers. Faux fur-inspired, the advanced synthetic fibres are hand-crafted one-by-one to provide high-performance makeup application, sensoriality and durability.  


Prada’s exclusive beauty-tech services integrate human expertise with technological innovation to conduct advanced skin analysis, revealing its current condition and its potential for optimisation. These services are led by patented software and resulting, in-depth visualisations of skin, enabling a deeper decoding of the skin, unveiling insights into untapped potential.

Prada Skin Decoder

Prada innovates a skin diagnosis device across both skincare and skin tone. Through the diagnosis of skin parameters, the Skin Decoderä is designed to break down and illustrate clinical signs of the skin – whose adaptive capacities are at the heart of Prada’s skin methodology – whilst revealing your true skin tone. The diagnosis explores the current nature of the skin and gives us tech-based insights to advise on how to optimise the skin through Prada’s adaptation-driven formulations.

Prada Colour Explorer

A virtual makeup try-on service featuring the Prada Colour catalogue in full, the Colour Explorer offers enhanced customisation options for Prada’s eye and lip colours.

Undoubtedly, the expansive scope of this new collection necessitates a significant investment, a hallmark of any genuinely premium cosmetics brand. However, what sets Prada apart from its high-end counterparts is its embrace of sustainability, evident through the refillable design of each product, coupled with their incorporation of technologically enhanced services.

While the anticipation for exceptional products is inherent with a brand like Prada, these supplementary advantages bestow upon Prada an intangible quality, a certain 'Je ne sais quoi' that distinguishes it from comparable brands.

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