When you have children, you are going to have your hands covered in sticky glue from arts and crafts or jam after snacking on donuts after lunch. Experts are urging parents to wash their hands thoroughly and to teach their kids to do the same.


Researchers believe that washing your hands for at least twenty seconds will get rid of germs.


According to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, you should be able to sing Happy Birthday twice whilst washing your hands.


Washing your hands properly will help prevent illnesses, such as colds, influenza, stomach bugs and other viruses.


As the winter season approaches, medical professionals encourage parents to wash their hands as well as their children’s hands with great care.


It is believed that 16 percent of respiratory infections can be prevented if you clean your hands properly.



A study that was carried out by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society uncovered a shocking statistic- 84 percent of people aren’t washing their hands for long enough.


An astonishing 65 percent of people admitted to not washing their hands before eating, which can cause germs to spread, especially if you are preparing food for your family.


21 percent of people revealed that they don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, which is one of the most common places where you’ll find germs.


Experts hope this current information will push parents to practice better general hygiene.


A recent study found that bugs are becoming more immune to antibiotics than ever before.


Some people may not contract illnesses from the germs on their hands, but they are spreading them, especially in public spaces such as offices and classrooms.


The Royal Pharmaceutical Society aims to reduce the number of people relying on antibiotics. They believe washing your hands carefully will prevent the spread of diseases such as the common cold, “We can save these important medicines for when they are really required.”



They stated that some viruses should not be treated with antibiotics, but doctors continue to prescribe them because of a high number of people requesting them.


The common cold is one of the most popular illnesses children will suffer from, especially during the cooler months. Symptoms include a sore throat, headaches, elevated temperature and a runny nose.


Teaching your kids good hand hygiene will help avoid these horrid winter illnesses, which spread quickly in primary school.


Kids are easily influenced by their parents so if they see you practicing a strong hygiene routine then they will follow your lead.


Remember to wash your hands for twenty seconds, and don’t forget to wash the back of your hands too. Carrying a hand sanitizer around in your bag will also help keep your hands germ-free.