All toddlers fall down. It’s just part of being a toddler! When your toddler has a fall, there are things you should check to make certain that they are not seriously injured.
If your toddler falls from her crib, highchair, or any furniture, the first thing you want to do is check for serious wounds, broken bones, concussion, or internal injuries.
If any of the following signs are present, make sure to get medical attention right away.
Unconsciousness - If your toddler is unconscious check to see if they are breathing. If not, have someone else call for help while you start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). If there is not anyone there to assist you, administer CPR for a couple of minutes and then call for help.
Bleeding – If your toddler is bleeding and you cannot control the bleeding by applying pressure, call for help immediately.

Broken Bones – Take your toddler to the hospital emergency room if you see any obvious deformities, or if a limb seems to be out of its proper position.
Skull fracture – Seek medical attention if there is a soft place on the scalp, blood or fluid coming from the nose or ears, or if you see blood in the whites of your child’s eyes.
Concussion – When a child has a concussion, there may be odd movements of the eyes and the pupils will be different sizes. Your child may not be able to walk or crawl properly and may seem weak and confused. They could also have problems speaking or seeing.  Additionally, if a child cries or screams for a long time after taking a fall, and they cannot be consoled, there could be a head injury.
If your toddler has fallen and there seems to be no signs of injury, they are probably going to be just fine, but you should still keep an eye on them for at least the next day or so. Sometimes a head injury can take a while to manifest.
Anytime your child takes a fall, if you do not feel comfortable trying to determine the seriousness of their injury, it’s better to be safe and take them to the doctor.