Wayne and Jenny’s daughter Daisy-Mae Little was born at 25 weeks old. The couple were told initially that their premature baby may not survive.
This was the couple’s second child and weighed only 1lb 14oz at the time of her birth.
Wayne Little feared the worst about his new arrival but still decided to put on a brave face for his wife and family by creating a Facebook diary for Daisy-Mae. Wayne used the page as a way of keeping his friends and family updated on his daughter’s progress.
But since its creation Wayne written more than 100,000 words to Daisy-Mae, and the page has over 16,000 followers from all across the globe.
After 13 weeks of staying in hospital Wayne shared the news that his daughter will finally be coming home.
“We watched Daisy-Mae stop breathing over 12 times, have four blood transfusions and an albumin transfusion. We were so terrified each time something went wrong, but the number of followers on my Facebook diary had soared. We now had people from all over the world sending their thoughts and prayers which helped us to stay positive. I don't know how we would've coped without them. We've even been sent presents from all over the UK and from people around the world including Canada and Australia. Midwives, professors and students are now using Daisy-Mae's journey to help educate other women and mothers about premature babies.”
Wayne has now written a book “Little Daisy-Mae: The Girl Who Couldn't Wait”. The book will be available on September 13th and all money raised from book purchases will go to charity.
"I began writing the diary as a way of coping with what was happening. With the amount of words I have written I've also been inspired to write a book, Little Daisy-Mae: The Girl Who Couldn't Wait. We are about to post three different cover designs on Facebook for followers to vote on their favourite. A pound from each pre-order book will be donated from the publishers to the charity of our choice, which of course is for neonatal wards, for premature babies.”
You can also help raise mo by visiting their Facebook page here.