First-of-its-kind Irish organic baby skincare range launches

If your little one suffers from sensitive skin, you’ll be delighted to hear about an amazing new dedicated baby and kids’ skincare range which is not only organic, but also made in Ireland.

Little Organics products are made using Irish Spring Water and natural ingredients. Ingredients are derived from sustainable sources and are completely Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly. At no point have they been tested on animals.

All ingredients are grown and produced using sustainable practices. They feature natural ingredients such as Chamomile Flower Oil and Aloe Vera Plant. As there are no harsh chemicals in these products, there is significantly less waste and toxins going down our drains and back into the environment. When choosing organic baby skincare products, you are not only benefiting your little one’s skin and internal health, but also making a positive impact on our environment.

The product range from Little Organics features shampoo, bubble bath, body wash, hand wash and hand sanitising foam which offer peace-of-mind when out-and-about with little ones, in light of Covid-19 concerns. All products in the range meet the same standards as organic food. This means no pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers which can cause irritation and increased sensitivity and clogging.

Petit Avenue’s Joanne O’Brien spotted an opportunity to bring this amazing brand to the Irish market when she began using it on her son who suffered with eczema and sensitive skin. Already an established partner of parent brand Mee-go (Joanne is a stockist of their nursery ranges), she was given some product to try and was amazed at the difference it made to her sons sensitive skin.

“When you choose a natural skincare range, you are using ingredients that works in harmony with baby’s skin, which is the bodies largest organ,” Joanne said.

“Many conventional skincare products contain chemicals such as phthalates and parabens. These known carcinogens can put pressure on the immune, reproductive, and endocrine systems. The more synthetic products used, the higher toxic concentrations can enter and accumulate in baby’s body. Choosing a natural skincare regime for baby should be a priority and since using the products on my own son it’s really opened my eyes to as to what we put on our skin.”

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