For the first time in 7 years, I find myself pushchair and changing bag free!  It's a whole new world quite frankly! 


Here are all the things you realise once you give up the pram:


1.I had forgotten escalators and stairs existed, to be honest!  It's a novelty to be able to go the quickest route upstairs in a shop! Although, I must admit that having a pram is a useful way to barge other people out of the way, and having somewhere to put the bags when shopping is something I'm already beginning to miss!


2. Then there's the fact that in more recent months, the buggy became a good bargaining chip with my 3-year-old in that if he wasn't behaving when wandering around town, being strapped in the pushchair was the biggest threat to get him to walk like a normal human being!




3. Next, comes the lack of changing bag now toilet training has been successfully completed.  It's lovely to only have my handbag with me (plus 2 kids of course!) Although, in this typical British summer holiday of one-minute warm rain and the next minute baking sunshine, I find I need to carry cardigans and rain coats for all of us when we're out, plus a bottle of water and all my normal handbag items.  A large handbag is essential and when looking for the one item that has undoubtedly fallen right to the bottom, I feel like I have Mary Poppins' handbag, pulling out every other item first!  I'm surprised when there isn't a hat stand in there!


4. To all my mummy friends who have smaller children, or who are still expecting, don't worry the amount of baggage and boot space needed just to pop to the supermarket for just one item. It will decrease one day! 


However don't rush it, time flies, blink and you'll miss it.  Much love.  xx ❤❤

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