Halle Bailey’s partner DDG shares insight on secretly welcoming first child

Halle Bailey’s partner has revealed his insight into welcoming their first child together.

On January 7, The Little Mermaid actress Halle surprised her fans when she announced the arrival of her first child, alongside her boyfriend DDG. The couple are now parents to a baby boy named Halo.

One month on from confirming that he is now a father, DDG has opened up for the first time about becoming a parent.

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The rapper recently spoke on The Jason Lee Show podcast, during which he was asked if baby Halo was planned.

“That kinda just happened, I ain’t going to lie. We weren’t aiming for a baby, but it kinda just happened. What were we going to do?” the 26-year-old confessed.

“I feel like both of us have the same interest in being parents, and I feel like she always wanted to be a mom. She always gives off that kind of energy, and I always wanted a kid, so from there, we made the decision to just go through with it,” he recalled.


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DDG was also asked why the pair chose to keep their pregnancy a secret, despite many fans speculating that Halle was expecting.

“People were already giving us negative vibes, so it was like, why let them know and then make her pregnancy stressful? Think about it, that’s a very sensitive time. If you get overly stressed, you could have a miscarriage. So we were like, let’s keep it a secret,” he shared.

Credit: Halle Bailey Instagram

Recalling a moment where they were caught by paparazzi, DDG detailed: “We went to a doctor’s appointment like regular people, just walking down the street. I felt like it wasn’t that big of a deal for people, so when I saw the picture, I was like, ‘This is weird.’”

“So, that kind of blew our cover a little bit. I figured out, with the internet, as long as you don’t respond, it ain’t real,” DDG concluded.