Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt present baby Ryker and share dramatic birth story

The Montag-Pratt family have been adjusting to life with their newest member!

The Hills star Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt welcomed their second child - a baby boy named Ryker - into the world last month. 

On the day her labour began, Heidi shared with her 1M Instagram followers that she felt like her son’s birth was going to be a fast one. “Definitely going to have this baby very quickly,” she voiced.


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Now, one month on from baby Ryker’s birth, the 36-year-old has opened up about her labour and delivery story. 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the mum-of-two confirmed that Ryker entered the world quicker than she and Spencer expected. "From beginning to finish it was only like an hour and 15 minutes. It was very fast," she explained.

Luckily, the couple’s doctor had prepared them for such a situation. "[The doctor] even gave Spencer a prep on how to deliver the baby [in the car]," Heidi shared, with Spencer adding, "I had gloves in the car, and I learned never cut the umbilical cord with a pocket knife."

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At one point, Heidi began to panic that she would have to give birth in the hospital’s elevator. "I have tears streaming down my face and then [the nurse] rushes me into the room I wanted, which is the same room I delivered Gunner in, which is great,” she reminisced.

However, following his delivery, Heidi couldn’t help but gush over her newborn son. "He has an incredible temperament. He's so easy,” she amazed. “Every time I've needed him to sleep, he's slept. He's just so sweet and calm.”


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Heidi and Spencer also share a five-year-old son Gunner together, who they welcomed in 2017. The couple spent over a year trying to conceive their second child, and so fans were delighted to find out in June of this year that they were expecting again.

Thankfully, the parents say, Gunner hasn’t experienced sibling jealousy yet! "Gunner is the best big brother I've ever seen. He's so great,” Heidi praised. “He's so excited to show everyone him. He wants to hold him every morning.”

Congratulations to the family-of-four!