How are you? New mums encouraged to ask for help post-birth

In case of an emergency, airlines advise adults to put their own oxygen masks on before doing so for others. This is because one’s ability to support others diminishes as your own oxygen levels drop. The same logic applies when giving birth and caring for a tiny human being, whilst coping with your own physical and mental changes. And yet postpartum care and support beyond baby is seldom a priority. This is particularly alarming if one takes into account that insufficient postpartum care is an important contributor to child neglect or abuse, suicide and maternal mortality. 

The transition into motherhood is not always easy and after giving birth, women face a vast amount of physical and emotional challenges, with little to no support. Add to that the pressures of perfection as endorsed by media and society and it is no surprise that so many new mums experience a breakdown in their physical and/or mental wellness. 

Marian Kennedy, the founder and CEO of anewmum, experienced this first-hand after suffering severe tears with the ‘fast and furious’ birth of her daughter. Finding little comfort on the shelves of her local pharmacy, Marian set out to provide women with the postpartum comfort and relief she so desperately needed in those first few months. 

The anewmum brand narrative is one where new mums receive as much care as their precious infants. “A traumatic birth experience and physical challenges, led to severe postnatal depression for me,” remembers Alda Smith, CMO at anewmum. “I had the wherewithal to get professional help, but there was little available in terms of self-care and I didn’t want to use medication whilst I was breastfeeding.” 


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Today anewmum provides a range of postpartum wellness and hygiene products that offers both physical and emotional comfort, support and relief to new mothers – including Alpha- Stim – a drug-free depression, anxiety and insomnia self-care device that is FDA-regulated and NHS-trialed. 

This year anewmum, in partnership with helplines Parentline (Ireland) and PANDAS (UK) is asking mothers ‘how they are’ through a series of real-life images by award-winning ‘Perfect Imperfections’ photographer, Neely Ker-fox, as well as a free HOW ARE YOU? Post-birth Wellness Plan. 

“As the only national helpline in Ireland that offers support to mothers suffering from postnatal depression, Parentline is delighted to be part of anewmum’s postpartum wellness advocacy efforts,” says Parentline CEO, Aileen Hickie. “We understand that giving birth is a very emotional experience and many new mums need support in the early days and months.” 


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“PANDAS foundation is pleased to be working with anewmum to raise awareness around the importance of maternal mental wellness,” says Annie Belasco, Head PANDAS. “Asking for help is one of the hardest but potentially biggest breakthroughs that any parent can experience when struggling with their perinatal mental health. The bravery of these conversations will potentially support so many more parents and anewmum’s HOW ARE YOU? Photography campaign is inspirational to all parents who feel uncertain after having a baby.” 

“With this maternal mental health campaign we would like to encourage mums to ask for help if they need it,” says Marian. “With our HOW ARE YOU? Post-Birth Wellness Plan, we are also hoping to help prepare mothers for their overall postpartum wellness. The plan is very unique in that it is based on the anewmum Interdependent Post-Birth Wellness Model, which highlights the interdependence of mental and physical postpartum wellness and the self-care, community care and professional care that support both.” 

For your free copy fo the anewmum HOW ARE YOU? Post-birth Wellness Plan visit our brand new website from 1 June onwards.