Each and every baby is amazing in their own way, but little Evelyn Matthews is getting special attention this week.


Baby Evelyn, who is just 15 weeks old, has already mastered how to say ‘hello’.


Footage of her ‘saying her first word’ at SEVEN weeks was captured by her mum, Sara, and has since gone viral around the world.



Sara spends the bones of a minute trying to tempt the word from Evelyn’s cute little pink lips.


And, at every turn, you can see that the sweet tot is trying her hardest to mimic her mum!


Persistence paid off in both respects, because just before the end of the video, little Evelyn managed to utter the word – or something really closely resembling it.



Ever since being uploaded online, the video has garnered plenty of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from every corner of the globe.


It just goes to show how quickly our babies develop, and how intelligent they are from such an early age.


We reckon Sara has a little genius on her hands, here.


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