Jessie J opens up about her postpartum body after welcoming her baby son

Jessie J has been opening up about how she feels about her postpartum body.

The Bang Bang singer welcomed a baby boy into the world on May 12 with her boyfriend Chanan Colman.

The couple then confirmed earlier this week that they have chosen to name their son Sky Safir.

Since giving birth to Sky, Jessie has remained incredibly open with her fanbase about how she has been coping with motherhood.

Credit: Jessie J Instagram

Taking to Instagram earlier today, the 35-year-old chose to get candid about her postpartum body, showcasing a bare snap of herself with a small bump still on show. 

“I’m writing this for myself as well as any one else that needs to read this,” Jessie began in her lengthy caption, before detailing the changes the human body goes through during pregnancy. 

“Your body was a home for someone else to live in for 9 months,” she reassured fans.

Credit: Jessie J Instagram

The Price Tag hitmaker then went on to remind fellow mothers that every postpartum journey is different. “Take your time. Be easy on yourself, your body AND your mind. Remember you are in recovery and don’t forget to also remind those around you,” she insisted. 

“Celebrate your new body. It HAD to change. It will be bigger and smaller in different places. IT IS BEAUTIFUL and NATURAL,” she added.

In the conclusion of her post, Jessie divulged how she has been coping with her own post-birth recovery. “This was my body 11 days after giving birth and I still look pretty much the same now 35 days on,” she explained.

Credit: Jessie J Instagram

“I LOVE my body. It has given me the most magical roommate inside and outside of my body. And when it’s ready and able to change again it will. Whatever that looks like. I’m here for it,” she noted.

Jessie’s candid update comes just a few days after she officially introduced her son to the world.

“Mans like… Sky Safir Cornish Colman,” she exclaimed in her caption at the time, alongside a sweet image of her baby boy.