Kevin Jonas reveals skin cancer diagnosis & shares update after having surgery

Kevin Jonas has been opening up about discovering he had skin cancer on his face. 

The singer, known for being a member of the Jonas Brothers alongside Nick and Joe Jonas, explained to fans that he had a cancerous mole on his forehead. 

Kevin revealed that he had surgery to have the mole removed and it’s now his ‘time to heal’.


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While sharing a video to his 4.9M Instagram followers, the 36-year-old appealed to the public to get their moles checked.

In the clip, Kevin is preparing to have the mole removal procedure carried out as he says, “So today I am getting a basal cell carcinoma removed from my head”.

“Yes, that is a actual little skin cancer guy that started to grow, and now I have to get surgery to remove it.”

“So here we go”, he reveals before switching to footage of him after the surgery was complete.


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After removing the bandage on his head and having a look at his scar, Kevin covered it with an emoji for the video.

Later in the clip, he is sitting in his car and explains, “Alright, I’m all done. Now it’s time to heal, heading home”.

“Make sure to get those moles checked, people”, he adds. 

The Camp Rock star reiterated his message in the caption of  the video as he wrote, “Friendly reminder to get your moles checked”. 


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Many fans flooded the comments with supportive messages and well-wishes for Kevin. 

One fan wrote, “Glad you caught it! Hopefully a speedy recovery!”.

“Oh Kevin, sending lots of love your way. So glad you were able to catch it so soon. Hope you recover fast”, penned another fan. 

A third added, “Sending you and your family much light and love. we wish you a speedy recovery and the best health for everyone always!”.