Linda Nolan issues new health update amid ongoing battle with cancer

Linda Nolan has shared a new health update with fans amid her battle with cancer. 

Known for being a member of the singing group The Nolans with her sisters, Linda revealed the heartbreaking news earlier this year that her cancer had spread to her brain. 

As she prepares to celebrate Christmas with her loved ones after admitting she ‘didn’t think she’d make it' until the festive period, Linda has shared a positive update on her diagnosis. 


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While speaking on Good Morning Britain, the 64-year-old explained the good news that her tumours have shrunk in size. 

Linda revealed, “It’s amazing… When we went in, I knew straight away that it was good news by the look on my consultant’s face”.

“He said that the scans were good - the MRI and the CT scan - and that there is shrinkage with the tumours”.

“I wanted to put my arms around him and kiss him but I thought they might throw me out”, she added.


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“When I spoke to you before, I didn’t think I’d make Christmas. You know, I was hoping to make the birth of my nephew- Maureen’s son Danny- the birth of their baby Marley who was born at the end of July, and then I was thinking, “Oh, how many more milestones will I make?”.

“And at the moment, I feel good. I’ve got a little bit of pain but I was walking about yesterday, we went to a beautiful garden centre, and I was having a walk around because they said to keep moving, you know, ‘Don’t sit down all the time or nothing will work’, so I was doing that and I just looked and thought, ‘How lucky I am’”.

“After nine months and getting the worst possible news, having a great time with my sisters and now it’s all excitement for Christmas”.


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Explaining that knowing her tumours haven’t spread and she gets to spend more time with her sisters, Linda went on to admit, “I wake up and think, ‘Oh, another day to make memories’. I don’t wake up thinking, ‘It’s another day closer’, and that helps me”.

“Sometimes I have to drag myself out of bed because lying there… just makes it worse… you dip down into a depression.”

The singer was previously diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, before discovering she had hip cancer in 2017 which had spread to her liver in 2020, before spreading further to her brain this year.