Love Island star India Reynolds shares insight into process of having eggs frozen

India Reynolds has shared an update on her egg freezing journey. 

India, known for appearing in Love Island back in 2019 and finishing in third place, has revealed to her fans that she’s undergoing an egg freezing process.

Sharing an insight into the process, the 32-year-old explained that “it’s not an easy journey”.

Reynolds took to Instagram to share snaps from the past two weeks to her 892K followers. 

The images show India at hospital, having bloodwork done and showing some of the medication she has been using throughout the process. 

India captioned the post, “Egg freezing in pictures, the last 2 weeks have been a journey to say the least! Thank you @kingsfertility for being amazing throughout”.

“Thank you also to everyone that’s messaged support it’s really really helped with morale and made me feel so much less alone”.

The former Love Islander continued, “It’s not an easy journey and I’m sending lots of love to anyone going through fertility treatment. I hope you all get the best results possible!”.

“There’s loads more info in my highlight if you’d like to know more, and I’m planning a q&a with my doctor for all the things I couldn’t answer”.

India then added, “And a special thank you to @imreynolds__ couldn’t have done it without you, you’re the best nurse anyone could wish for, and I’m lucky enough to have you as a cousin”.

In the comments of the post, India also said, “I hope sharing this has given a few of you thinking about it a little bit of an insight into what happens any encourages other women my age to think about doing it too if you want children in the future”.

Many fans of the former reality star headed to the comments to share supportive messages with her. 

One fan said, “Thank you for sharing your journey”.

“Well done for sharing your story. U r an inspiration to others and I’m certain u will be an amazing mum some day”, penned a second fan.

Another added, “Well done & thank you for sharing your story & helping to normalise this process”.

India previously spoke on her Instagram Stories about how she was feeling after having the procedure done and admitted, “I'm over being uncomfortable and bloated. It kind of feels like I've been punched in the stomach, you know like winded”.