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Find out more about adoption and fostering in the UK and what options are right for you. What are the problems and difficulties that you’re likely to encounter?

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Which countries can I legally adopt from?

International adoption is growing in popularity - however, not all countries comply with UK adoption laws.
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How do I adopt a child from the Philippines?

The Philippines is not a country specified on the UK adoption designated list. British citizens adopting in the Philippines need to apply for an adoption order in a UK court if they return to the UK in order for that adoption to be recognised in the UK. 
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Can I have IVF treatment and apply for adoption at the same time?

Some couples are not ready to give up trying to have a natural birth child and will want to continue IVF treatment during the adoption process.
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I’d like to consider fostering a child. How do I know if I am eligible?

While the criteria for fostering are not as strenuous as those for adoption, there are still certain requirements you need to fulfil in order to be considered.
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What exactly does fostering a child entail?

Foster care provides for the temporary or permanent care of children who for one reason or another, cannot live with their own family.
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My partner is unsure about adoption: how do I convince him?

Adoption is a major decision, and one that no one should take lightly, or try to force anyone into.
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Adopting a child: domestic vs. international options

It’s impossible to say which is better – domestic or international adoption or fostering a child. Which is better for you depends on your unique situation.
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