Many women will face difficulties with conceiving, and actress Sutton Foster was one of them. The Younger star yearned to be a mum but faced many hurdles after two failed rounds of IVF. "I was so angry that it was so hard,” she admitted.


She opened up about her fertility difficulties to People: “I’m so used to being the type of person where if I want to make something happen, I make it happen. It was really frustrating. And we were racing against the clock,” she shared, admitting that they started trying for a family at quite a late stage.



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Sutton and her husband Ted Griffin turned to IVF after months of trying to conceive naturally, however, both rounds of the fertility procedure failed: “I was sobbing uncontrollably. And I was like, ‘We have to pursue other options.’ ”


Sutton and Ted turned to adoption which finally led them down the road to parenthood. Sutton said IVF caused so much distress and upset for them, but adoption gave them the family they always wanted.



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Sutton and Ted adopted their adorable daughter Emily in 2017. Their baby girl is now 15-months-old and Sutton said she is loving every second of motherhood.

“This is a whole new chapter in our lives. It’s been full, and amazing and exhausting and wonderful,” the doting mum gushed.



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The 43-year-old said she always felt like there was a reason why things didn't work out with conceiving naturally, “I was always trying to make sense of why it wasn’t working. Now I realize Emily was so clearly meant to be our daughter. She was the reason!”