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Can I have IVF treatment and apply for adoption at the same time?

Having both IVF treatment and being in the adoption process, is seen by some couples as having a backup plan ready in case the first one fails. Experts and therapists involved in both infertility and adoption are in disagreement over allowing or encouraging couples to pursue both paths at the same time.

Adoption agencies fear that if a couple is able to conceive via IVF treatment, they will be reluctant to continue in the adoption process, which could jeopardise a successful placement for the child concerned. Therapists worry that if the IVF treatment fails, the adopting couple will be grieving over the loss of a potential birth child. This can impact negatively on the bonding process that is so vital between the adopted child and the new parents.  There is also concern that if a couple manages to have a natural born child after the adoption has gone through, the adopted child is treated as second-best.

Many adoption agencies do not allow their applicants to be on infertility treatments while in the adoption process. Domestic adoptions are less likely to happen for couples with IVF treatments. It is felt that couples who are involved in both processes at the same time, have not come to terms with the loss involved in being infertile.
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