Love Island star Montana Brown opens up about co-sleeping with son Jude

Montana Brown has been opening up about life with her son Jude.

The former Love Island star welcomed her baby boy into the world in June of last year with her fiancé Mark O’Connor.

As Jude reaches seven months of age, Montana has shared an update on the tot’s sleep routine and discusses co-sleeping with him. 


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While filling in her 1.1M Instagram followers on her Stories, Montana captioned her post, “Baby sleep update:”, and explained, “Last night was the first night that we had Jude in a separate room”.

“I mean, I say he was in a separate room, I put his cot in a separate room but I was also staying in that room ‘cause I’m just trying to get him to sleep in his cot because we have been co-sleeping”.

“I know, I know, the trolls are going to come out and get me. But, I loved co-sleeping”.


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The former reality TV star revealed, “I know some people are really against it but I loved it. I’m going to really miss it. Seeing his little face every morning, just having cuddles”.

“Do you know what? Before I had kids, I would’ve been like, ‘No, I’d never co-sleep, it’s really dangerous’, but honestly, I’m really sad”.

Montana went on to admit, “I almost think that I’m waking him up in the night. So yeah, it was a long night but I’m really excited”.


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At the beginning of the year, Montana opened up about being a mum and admitted to feeling ‘very lucky’ to have her son. 

She said, “Having a baby has genuinely been one of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I love being present with Jude and experiencing all of it”.

“I realise that’s such a privilege to be able to do that so just feeling very lucky”.