Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson unveils big update on continued health issues

Louise Thompson has released a significant update about her health.

Earlier this year, the former Made In Chelsea star spent several weeks in hospital with “a major flare up of her ulcerative coilitis issues”.

Louise, who has been in and out of hospital since the birth of her son Leo in November 2021, has now chosen to share a big update on her health.

The 34-year-old took to social media earlier today to announce that she now has to wear a stoma bag. 

On her Instagram page, Louise unveiled a brief video clip of herself showcasing her wearing her stoma bag.

“Introducing the grey bag that may well have saved my life. Not exactly a glamorous announcement but not something I want to have to keep hidden forever,” the mum-of-one penned within the video.

In the caption of her post, Louise then went on to reflect on her thoughts on her health progression.

“HOW DO I DISCLOSE THIS SORT OF NEWS? It's not exactly exciting like a big pregnancy or gender reveal announcement! Hey look, I'm having a boy… Hey look i've got a stoma!”, she teased.

"So I guess I'll just stand here proud in stature with my new friend, le bum bag that represents life, and hopefully a better one,” she continued.

Louise concluded her message by writing: “Isn't it bizarre that this little grey pouch is the price I pay for good health! I say good riddance to that nasty menacing colon! Please be kind.”

Following her candid update, Louise’s loved ones have since been expressing their admiration for her.

“The only way is up from here on out. The fact that you’re my sister is just f**king awesome! A real life hero,” replied I’m A Celebrity winner and Louise’s younger brother, Sam Thompson.

”When you think about it, it’s a beautiful thing because it means less time in hospital, less time in pain, less time with a poison organ in your body! Now you are free my girl. Now it’s time for YOU,” added Strictly Come Dancing star and Sam’s partner, Zara McDermott.