Millie Mackintosh gets real about her C-section recovery journey

Former Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh has opened up about her c-section recovery journey in a recent social media post, sharing a raw snap of her postpartum figure.

Millie and her husband Hugo Taylor welcomed the birth of their second baby girl, Aurelia, nearly two months ago on November 30, with the couple already proud parents to their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Sienna.

Taking to Instagram this morning, Millie shared her real and honest postpartum experience, in an effort to help other mums who might have gone through something similar.

“Whilst I was pregnant I received so many mixed messages about second C-section experiences, but for me luckily I found the recovery second time round much easier, it was less of a shock emotionally and physically,” the 32-year-old mum noted.

“This time my body knew what to expect, and I was mentally prepared! Don’t get me wrong, it was painful moving around for the first few weeks, but manageable with pain relief.”

Photo Credit: @milliemackintosh

“I decided to get my placenta made into pills and although I had tearful moments I felt much more emotionally stable and energetic than I did after having Sienna, I actually had to listen to my midwife when she told me to slow down and not over do it!”

Sharing two photos, Millie explained that the first glowing image is of her, one hour before she gave birth and that the second raw and relatable image, is of her one day after giving birth, adding, "Still in awe of what the female body is capable of!"

Continuing, Millie explained, “When they removed my catheter the morning after my c section I was given two hours to pee and I simply couldn’t! I got really stressed about it, but apparently this is quite normal especially the second time you’ve had abdominal surgery.”

“I had to have the catheter back in for another 24 hours which meant shuffling around with my bag of pee whenever I got out of bed! Luckily the next day my bladder function was back to normal and I was able to go home.”

“I feel really lucky that I haven’t had any other issues post birth. My obstetrician used a pico dressing again which I had great results with last time, my scar is healing well and I am trying to remember to massage it daily.”

“I have seen a Women’s Physio who did all of my internal checks to make sure everything is ok and I really recommend all new mums do this before attempting to do any exercise or heavy lifting.”

Concluding her lengthy update, Millie said, “I know this might not reflect your experience, those first weeks are seriously tough, but know that it does get easier. Keep talking about how you’re feeling and accept ALL of the offers to help! Take time to rest, your body needs to heal and don’t rush into doing too much too soon.”