has published its figures for popular baby names for the first quarter of 2013. 
Check out the most popular boys and girls names below. To find out the meaning of the boys names, click here to visit our Baby Names section. To find out the meaning of girls names, click here.
Girls Boys
Ava Noah
Freya Oscar
Ella Oliver
Imogen Isaac
Grace Jacob
Amelia Dylan
Olivia Ethan
Mia Leo
Scarlett Alfie
Eva Harry
Isla Charlie
Alice Sebastian
Willow William
Amber Lucas
Florence Jack
Charlotte Theo
Sophia Logan
Poppy Joshua
Ruby Henry
Evie Toby
Rose Archie
Abigail Jasper
Amelie Riley
Esme Benjamin
Violet James
Erin Bailey
Daisy Max
Finley Seth
Matilda Blake
Sienna Harrison
Isabella Finley
Jessica Dexter
Chloe Reuben
Sophie Samuel
Ivy George
Elsie Aiden
Evelyn Thomas
Beatrice Harley
Summer Daniel
Heidi Milo