Eczema can be painful and uncomfortable to deal with, especially during winter months.


And it is the last thing we want to see our little ones endure without relief.


That is how it was for mum Joy Evans before she discovered a soothing resolution for her baby’s skin condition.


The mum tried everything on the market to rid her son of his red, blotchy rashes: steroid treatments, emollient creams, and a wide array of natural recommendations.


But nothing worked until now.



After doing copious amounts of research online, Joy found that many mums praised a special soap made out of their breast milk.


They said it cleared their child’s skin rashes up straight away, and although Joy found the idea a bit strange at first, she decided to give it a try.


To her surprise, the soap treated her son’s eczema quickly and effectively so that she could not even see one small red patch on his delicate skin.


“Last month I made breastmilk soap hoping it’d help baby’s eczema. Wish I had before photos, it’s totally cleared!” she raved.


“No steroid cream, moisturisers, expensive products, just switched to this and his skin is completely clear.”



Joy was thrilled when her all-natural soap worked and is happy to be able to finally make a difference in stopping the disease’s harmful effects.


She recommends the solution for any other mums struggling with the same issue.


We are so glad Joy was able to find an effective solution to her soothe her baby’s skin once and for all.


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