Mrs Hinch highlights pride for son Ronnie to mark World Autism Awareness Day

Mrs Hinch has highlighted her adoration for her son Ronnie, in honour of World Autism Awareness Day.

In December of last year, the cleaning guru - whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe - confirmed that both she and her four-year-old son Ronnie had been diagnosed with autism in 2023.

Today (April 2) is World Autism Awareness Day, and to mark the special occasion, Sophie has taken to social media to express her pride for her firstborn son.

On Instagram, Sophie - who is also a mum to two-year-old Lennie - posted several beautiful pictures from throughout Ronnie’s life so far.

“I’ll never forget the exact message I randomly landed on from one of my followers back in 2020, when Ron was just 15 months old. ‘Mrs Hinch, welcome to the world of autism. I hope you don’t mind me sending you this message, but I believe your Ronnie is autistic,’” the 34-year-old recalled.

“I knew next to nothing about autism at the time. I was selfish in my little understanding. Ronnie was my first baby and I knew no different. From that day on, I could not forget her words,” she wrote, before going on to explain her next steps.

“I started researching online and reading everything I could find about autism. The more I read, the more I discovered a fire in my belly that I’ve never felt before in my life. That fire has never left me. As the months passed and my knowledge on autism grew… I knew. And from that point on, my little Ronnie changed our lives all over again, more than he’ll ever know,” Sophie penned.

The influencer concluded her sweet tribute by adding: “Our beautiful, passionate, clever, polite, determined and brave little Ronnie. You are loved beyond words and I will fight every single day for the rest of my life to make sure you are loved like you deserve, understood and most importantly accepted for the incredible little darling you are. Always.”

On December 20, Sophie confirmed her autism diagnosis with Ronnie by promising: "Mummy is right here with you, in this together, forever.”