Mum creates parody of THAT BBC interview, and oh boy is it good


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you will have heard of the "funniest interview of the year."


The moment that scientist Robert Kelly was totally upstaged by his two children in a BBC interview went viral last week, and we have been watching it on repeat ever since. 


Well, one hilarious woman has created her very own version of the infamous clip, and it parodies how a mum would have handled the scenario.


Saying that that "this is how a mum would have done it," the video shows a woman doing a fake BBC interview, when she is interrupted by her adorable daughter. 


In the original video, the father (who was clearly panicked by the interruption) attempted to gently bat his kid away from the camera. 



However, in this brilliant parody, the mother picks the young child up and places her on her knee, gives her milk and cookies, all while continuing to discuss political unrest in Korea. 


The video continues, and the mother exhibits her ability to get stuff done, such as cooking, cleaning and even ironing. 


The message behind this video was, of course, not to offend the father in question (or any dads out there- we heart you), but just to remind people how awesome mums are - in their flawless ability to multi-task. 


The real Professor Kelly said on Wednesday he had flattered by the many "gentle sentiments" his family had received after millions of people watched the video online.


The professor had been speaking to the BBC on Skype the political situation in Korea, a naturally serious topic, when his gorgeous daughter, Marion, sauntered confidently into the room. 



His nine-month-old son, James, crept in after his big sis in a walker, both followed by Robert's wife, Kim, who was obviously in a serious tizzy.


The video has quickly become a complete Internet sensation, with over 21 million views in a little under a week. 


The parodied version of the interview has also become a viral sensation, with over 13 million views in a few days. 


All-in-all, what a week it has been for the BBC and this now-famous family. 



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