A mum in the US has described her son as a “guardian angel” after he did something pretty remarkable, and we have to agree with her.


When Kenyarda Dukes went into labour at her home in Marietta, Georgia, the only other person with her at the time was her son, James. However, she had nothing to worry about as the young boy immediately stepped up to ensure both Mum and Baby were safe.


Going into labour sooner than expected, James immediately jumped into action, phoning 911 straight away. Unable to get to the house in time, the emergency operator had to help the 11-year-old deliver the baby, telling him what to do ti keep the infant warm and safe.



Talking to CBS News, the youngster admits that he wasn’t scared at the time admitting that he just wanted to make sure his mum and baby brother, Royal Dukes, were safe.


”It didn’t really scare me. It was more just like, let me clean the baby off, make sure he’s OK, make sure my mom’s OK,” he said.


Talking about the incredible way her eldest son reacted, Kenyarda said: ”He was my help, he was my guardian angel. He was the man, he was the doctor, he was my superhero,” 


Thankfully Mum and Baby are said to be doing well. Well done, James.